liner fabrics

Liner fabric choices. Click the thumbnails for a larger view.

Satin fabrics:

black shantung

ivory crepe

white crepe

white shantung

silver crepe

slate crepe

chocolate crepe

chocolate shantung

poppy red shantung

poppy red crepe

salmon crepe

wood hollyhock crepe

hot pink crepe

light hollyhock shantung

autumn orange crepe

coral crepe

pale-mint crepe

dark turquoise shantung

leprechaun crepe

turquoise crepe

deep sea crepe

spring green crepe

crystal blue crepe

lake blue crepe

blue glitter

indigo crepe

sky blue glitter

turquoise glitter

sapphire shantung

violet crepe (blue tones)

lavender crepe

grape freeze crepe

wisteria shantung

violet crepe (red tones)

purple glitter

violet shantung

blue paisley swirl

grey python skin

inside the time stream

clouds of Venus

aged gold crepe

spark gold crepe

gold stripe

orange-gold crepe

Brocade Satin fabrics:

black paisley

white paisley

gold & mahogany paisley

silver paisley

brown paisley

celadon dragons

teal & chocolate paisley

black, red and gold

Fabrics noted with an * may incur an additional charge if embroidered, or used in a two-color santa pouch.