instant gratification

Sometimes, there just isn't time to customize a dicepouch. And knowing that sometimes, everyone is a geek-in-a-rush, we began offering pre-made dicepouches in our most popular colors and bag styles, and sold them here using a single-purchase setup via PayPal. It was limited, but it worked. Sort of. Actually, it was kind of a pain. We know. We're sorry.

But for the past year, we've been using Square register to process sales at our convention appearances, and we have just opened a store in the Square Market! Now, no matter where you live, you can buy our pre-made bags, embroidered towels, free-standing lace embroidery ornaments, and Chessex dice, and have it all shipped right to you! Visit our Square store by following this link, or by clicking that big header up there. We're all about choices, after all.

We hope you'll love this new option for nearly-instant gratification from dicepouch. And thanks for putting up with the old way for so long! NOTE: if you want both a custom pouch and items from our store, let us know you've put in an order for both, and we'll combine the two orders to help you save on shipping!