Santa Pouch with Heraldic Lion
Deck Pouch with Too Cute Cthulhu
Santa Pouch with Nordic Wolf
Santa Pouch with Custom Embroidery
Dragon Pouch with Zombie Koi
Flat Pouch with Custom Embroidery
Deck Pouch with Dark Creatures Sea Serpent
Flat Pouch with Selas Flowers
Santa Pouch in velvet with Wraparound Vines
Large Flat Pouch with Dark Creatures Dragon
Deck Pouch with Celtic Hyppocampus
Deck Pouch with Sapphire Dragon in Red
Tall Deck Pouch with Rose Dragon

Pouch Styles

Having trouble deciding on a pouch style? Deck, Santa, Flat? The banner above features some of our previously made custom pouches for visual examples, but here is a basic breakdown, by size/capacity: 

  • The Flat Pouch has curved sideseams, a single-fold bottom, lies flat when empty and stands up when filled with dice. It's the smallest of the five basic designs but offers a large surface area for embroidery patterns up to 5"h x 5"w. The flat pouch is 6.75 inches wide and 8 inches tall.
  • The Large Flat pouch is just a scaled up version of the basic flat pouch, at 7.75" wide and 9.5" tall.
  • The Deck Pouch is a side seam bag with a flat, two inch deep base, and is large enough to hold two standard-size CCG deck boxes. The rectangular base makes it a perfect choice if you like a pouch that stands up well. Like the flat pouch, the deck pouch offers a generous surface area for embroidery, for patterns up to 6"h x 5"w. The deck pouch is 7.75 inches across seam to seam, and 7.5 inches tall. (The base is 5" x 2").
  • The Tall Deck Pouch is an inch taller to allow for larger embroidery designs up to 7"h x 5"w, but is otherwise identical to the standard Deck pouch, with the same dimensions for width and base.
  • The Santa Pouch has four exterior panels which join at a center point, forming a semi-spherical base. Perfect for dice, it's also a great coin pouch for renaissance faires. This pouch is 9 inches high with a 17 inch circumference at the widest point, and can accept embroidery impressions up to 6.5"h x 4"w. When filled, it does a great job of standing upright, and the wide top opening makes digging through the contents quick and easy!
  • The Dragon Bag is the largest dicepouch we make. It is a four panel pouch like the Santa, but is almost 11 inches high, with a circumference of 21" at the widest point. You'll get multiple pounds of dice in this pouch, or a whole lot of game pieces!
  • Bento Bags are similar to the Santa Pouch, made from four panels. But these have a boxy bottom, flat and square, and are made from patterned cotton fabric, inside and out.
  • Dicetraps are a fun style made from circles of patterned cotton. They hold about 40 assorted polyhedral dice when cinched up, and when opened all the way, can double as a rolling bowl. No more dice under the fridge! Dicetraps also come in pocketed variations, with four or five wedge pockets inside. Lastly, dice traps without pockets are reversible!

You can purchase pouches made in these styles via the Ready Made or Licensed Design categories. Our custom dicepouch interface is undergoing a renovation, but the old version is still available for use on our main website,

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