About Us

dicepouch was founded in 2003, when two geeks went looking online for a place to buy custom made dice bags. And, being 2003, there weren't a whole lot of options out there! So they decided to make their own. Over there to the side, that ruby and violet pouch with a tiny howling wolf? That's one of those very first dicepouches.

After making that first run, we decided to launch a website, and see if anyone else wanted customzed dice pouches, too. It turned out that people did, and since then, TheBagLady has been making and shipping custom and bespoke bags all around the world, going to conventions to sell pouches directly to the public, and enlisting the help, support and services of her patient friends and family, without whom this ride would have ended a long time ago!

Have you seen a dicepouch in person? It's possible. In addition to the nearly one-thousand custom pouches we've made, we've also produced almost 500 ready-made pouches of various styles. dicepouch has also sponsored a number of gaming conventions with prize pouches. You might have seen a dicepouch at a wedding; what's better for a geeky wedding than pouches for the groomsmen or bridesmaids? Then there are the santa pouches that shook off their ho-ho-ho name, preferring to be known as a "belt pouch" or "coin purse" at renaissance festivals. Tarot cards have even been known to nestle inside a deck pouch, too.

So, that amazing pouch you've been admiring (or coveting) from across the gaming table just might have come from us! Now you can have one, too.