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You play games. You've got dice. We make bags for dice, games, and you!

dicepouch is thrilled to announce our new Licensed Products line featuring designs from our friends at Cheapass Games.  Design your own dicepouch with Cheapass, Pairs and Tak embroidery created by TheBagLady, for you! Click on the Licensed Products link to see all the amazing new things you can have on a dicepouch.

Look there, just below the text. Pictures of Pouches, scrolling past! Check out some of what we've done in the past. Want to see more? Check out the Gallery on our custom-design website for larger images and descriptions of past custom and bespoke projects. (Use Instant Gratification to return here!)

Who are we? We're dicepouch. Custom and bespoke bags for gamers, made by The Bag Lady.

Looking for our custom design interface? We're working on a new version, but until it's ready, you can still access the old one at this link.

Santa Pouch with Heraldic Lion
Deck Pouch with Too Cute Cthulhu
Santa Pouch with Nordic Wolf
Santa Pouch with Custom Embroidery
Dragon Pouch with Zombie Koi
Flat Pouch with Custom Embroidery
Deck Pouch with Dark Creatures Sea Serpent
Flat Pouch with Selas Flowers
Santa Pouch in velvet with Wraparound Vines
Large Flat Pouch with Dark Creatures Dragon
Deck Pouch with Celtic Hyppocampus
Deck Pouch with Sapphire Dragon in Red
Tall Deck Pouch with Rose Dragon