Privacy Policy

When you place an order with dicepouch, you'll provide us with certain information, like your name, address, etc. We process your payments via Square or Paypal. If you create an account with us, and store your mailing and/or billing address or credit card information for the future, that information will be kept on file.

Your e-mail address will be used only to communicate directly with you regarding your order or custom design, and to provide you with shipping information and order updates, unless you sign up for our newsletter. We don't actually have a newsletter, yet, but it's on the to-do list. If you do sign up for our newsletter, then you'll start receiving that once we start sending it. 

Your shipping address is used only when sending your purchases; we don't send out advertising via physical mail.

If you decide to create an account on, your information will be maintained within your account until you delete or remove it. We will not share, sell, loan,or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone. Basically, we hate everything to do with junk mail and spam, and assume you do as well.